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Nectar by definition is a sugary fluid secreted by plants, especially within flowers to encourage pollination by insects and other animals. The moon effects plants and how they grow. For example, during the full moon, it is a favorable time to plant root crops because of the amount of light and the strong gravitational pull, whereas a fourth quarter moon is waning and transitioning into a new moon, so there is a weak gravitational pull and it is a good time for pruning, cultivating and harvesting. It is all part of the cycle of these plants that I use in my product, and it is all connected. Every herb I use relates to a planetary association and zodiac sign. For example, Gemini rules pairs in the body, arms, ears, eyes, lungs etc. and Cancer rules fluid retention in the body with its association to the moon and stomach region. Certain herbs pertain to the planets in astrology, and mean different things. Venus being love, friendship, beauty, and Jupiter being the planet of good fortune, gifts and luck. Each of my products corresponds and is given a deeper understanding with these associations. Different crystals help ground you, and unblock energy or attract certain things, which is why I include a crystal prescription. Everything is interconnected.



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All topical products should be tested on inner wrist before full use- some people have allergies to certain herbs or bee products and they  should be tested for safety.  If pregnant, check with your midwife before using any herbal products.