Akashic Cleanse Deodorant


Akashic Cleanse Deodorant


Magnesium spray deodorant: blocks odor and keeps your arms feeling fresh. Due to modern farming practices most of us are now extremely deficient in this mineral which is one of the six essential minerals that should be supplied in our diet and is crucial to overall health.  See below benefits

Planet: Pluto
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Scorpio + Capricorn
Crystal Prescription: Labradorite, selenite, malachite, copper

-Helps regulate melatonin hormone to aide in sleep
-Relaxes nervous system through serotonin levels and relieves stress
-Stimulates bone health and calcium in the body as well as relaxing sore muscles and producing more insulin
-Balances PH levels
-Can also help prevent stroke, painful periods, and heart disease

Ingredients: Magnesium, Water, Aloe vera, Witch hazel, Citric acid, Vitamin E oil, & Various essential oils

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