Sacred Space Incense

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Sacred Space Incense


Easiest way to light, is off of a burning candle- let the end ignite and hold for a few seconds then blow out and let the smoke waft.  Place in a dish with sea salt or proper incense burner- do not place on wood or surfaces that cannot maintain heat.  Palo Santo originates in South America and literally translates in spanish to "Holy Wood."   It is used during ancient ceremony for cleansing, similar to sage and  has many medicinal properties if drunk as tea or in aromatherapy.  It also is said to repel against mosquitos and pesky insects.  Pine is also good as a stress reliever.


Planets:  Moon
Elements:  Water + Earth 
Zodiac:  Pisces + Taurus
Crystal Prescription:  Sodalite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Green Calcite, Citrine

-Energetically cleansing, to ease into meditation
-Repels mosquitos and other insects
-Said to enhance creativity and bring good fortune

Ingredients:  Pine, Palo Santo, Pinon Resin, Water, Sandalwood & Various Essential oils

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